The Webaround Review

As a content creator, I am always looking for ways to take my content to the next level. After some research on green screen solutions, I decided to go with the Webaround as my new green screen. There were two reasons for my choosing, first was price and second was portability.

Product Packaging

The packaging was very simple and clean. The product came sealed in a plastic bag with a cardboard topper. This made opening the packaging easy and there was very little waste to dispose of. Once removed from the packaging, I noticed that it came with a nice bag that was velcro closable and straps on it for carrying around. This is a definite plus for portability.

Product Overview

Due to some issues with product fulfillment I was able to test out two of the Webaround products; The Wide Shot and The Big Shot. Now before I go further into the review, I do have to give a big thanks and kudos to the customer service at The Webaround. They were prompt and went out of their way to ensure that my order was corrected and that I was satisfied with my purchase. Ah yes, the review part…

The Wide Shot is built as a square backdrop and when I attempted to use it, I noticed that the top of the Webaround would warp and bow causing issues with the ability to chroma key the screen out in the software. I then switched over to The Big Shot and it worked perfectly for coverage and I was able to key the green out with no issues.

I liked the integrated chair stabilizer on both Webarounds. This was a small flap of nylon with some thick cardboard inserts that stabilizes and pushes the Webaround to a more vertical position. It improves the quality of the chroma key. The reason the company added this is because chairs are all different and the slope of the chair’s back could cause the Webaround to tilt in a backwards angle. The Webarounds come in different styles and colors to choose from. Be sure to check them out at thewebaround.com.

Product Hardware and Setup

The build materials of both products I got to try was the same. They were made of green colored nylon and steel spring. Set up is simple: Remove from the carrying bag and unfold. Because of the steel spring, the Webaround will snap fully open rather quickly so be mindful. Once open, simply slide the strap over the top of your chair and adjust. Both sets of straps and the stabilizer are secured using Velcro so adjusting it is simple.

Once it is on the chair, center yourself in your camera or webcam, crank up whatever software you will be recording or streaming with and add in a chroma key filter. A few tweaks to the setting and, like magic, your background is invisible. Nice, easy, and did I mention simple already?

Suggestions for the Manufacturer

Here are my suggestions to make the product better. Because The Wide Shot tends to warp and bow when used, I would look into some type of stabilizer at the top of that Webaround. Perhaps one that is removable for storage. I could see making the vertical strap removable and include a longer vertical strap to allow the Webaround to be seated lower on the chair. The reason I mention this is because I noticed the gaps appear in the lower corners of the screen when I shifted my chair in one direction or another. Therefore, to use the Webaround appropriately, I could not move much in my chair during a stream and that’s just unrealistic for me.

From a content creator perspective, I would suggest creating an affiliate program that would allow smaller content creators the ability to promote your products in return for a small percentage of the sale if someone purchases with their code.

If you are looking for a simple, portable, and cost effective way to add chroma key to your content creation then definitely take a look at The Webaround. FPS definitely recommends this product.
  • Portable
  • Cost Effective
  • Simple to Use and Store
  • Great Customer Service
  • Warping on The Wide Shot
  • Does not sit down far enough on some chairs leaving gaps in the chroma key at the bottom corners.

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