The Void Rains Upon Her Heart Review [PC]

Many think that love conquers all, especially when it is shot at you in a flurry of heart shaped bullets. The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is a game about an alien girl, who due to her deformity and ugliness, was left alone and surrounded by monsters. She learns that she can make those monsters fall in love with her by destroying their fear using the power of her love, but she has to be careful as too much damage from the monsters can break her heart.

I will admit that I don’t play any of the bullet hell genre of games, but I was pleasantly surprised playing this game. With the pixelated graphics and midi music track, I was taken back to my younger days of coming home from school and cranking up the Nintendo to play some games. Of course, once The Void Rains Upon Her Heart started and I was faced with my first monster, I was back in the present trying to dodge bullets coming at me from all sides of the screen. It was a difficult, but fun experience overall.

The game has a Story mode that you start off when you first it. The story is simple in its telling and gives you some backstory without going too far in depth. I liked how the beginning tutorial was interwoven in the beginning of the story instead of it being disjointed from the storyline. In the game, the player is faced with a variety of monsters choices and the player can choose whether to take on an easier monster for less reward or take a chance on a more powerful monster for a greater pay-off. I personally like the Risk vs. Reward style of gameplay because it lets the player decide on how difficult the play will be.


Once the player has decided which monster to fight, The Void Rains Upon her Heart follows these simple mechanics:

  • Shooting – This is done automatically without the need for holding keys down.
  • Focus – This is done with a key press and helps make your movements more precise. In games like this such a mechanic is the difference between life and death.
  • Panic – This is considered a “Panic Button”, to be used when the bullets get too overwhelming. This pops up a circular shield that destroys any bullets it touches.

Once you have defeated the monster, what do you get? Their love, of course! Oh, and gifts! These can be something that adds a more powerful attack for you or better precision using your focus ability. You can also unlock additional gifts by completing the battle under certain conditions. These conditions will make the battle more difficult, but success means greater rewards.

Another measure of how a player is doing in the game is the collection of Karma. Karma is gained by a sustained barrage of shots on the monster. The more consecutive hits without the use of focus or panic, the more Karma a player gets. This is mainly used to unlock more challenging monsters which allows the player to tailor the game to be as hard as they want it to be.

The game is shorter than others in this genre, but it is a fun experience and is a great introduction into the bullet hell game genre.


If I were the developer for this game, I would add in mouse movement as an option to the arrow keys and the ability to bind the action buttons to mouse keys. This would greatly improve the gaming experience since fewer and fewer games use the arrow keys today. I would default the action keys to A, S, and D because those are the base keys in almost every game on PC today. The only other thing I would address is the nudity filter. Looking at the game with the filter off, I can say that the developer’s idea of nudity is extremely tame compared to other games. If there is a question or need to have something like that added to a game then simply add bindings on the character model and remove the option.

The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is an early access bullet-hell game available on PC. It’s about learning to love the monsters you face and earning nice loot in the process. It contains random sequences of difficult bosses that will challenge the player and make them adjust their strategies and take risks for better rewards. It’s an interesting experience, perfect for anyone who loves or is curious about bullet-hell games.
  • Great pixel graphical presentation
  • Music is nice and enjoyable
  • Fun gameplay
  • No mouse support
  • Short storyline gameplay

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