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If you are looking to join our team then you have come to the right place. We are on the ground floor and looking to grow. As such, we are seeking people with a passion for video games and content creation to join us and grow with us. These roles require you to contribute on a regular basis, but if you cannot give the time and the energy to this then this line of work may not be a good fit for you.

The below listed positions are on a voluntary basis. Those who provide consistent content and stick with us will start to get cool stuff like review copies of games to review, get the ability to perform interviews, and get snazzy press passes to events.

Still with me? Great! To join us simply send us the following information in an email to business@fracturedpixelstudios.com.

  • Full Name
  • Age (18 years of age or older)
  • Position interested in
  • Your location (country, state, city)
  • Tell us briefly about yourself

Open Roles

Game Reviewers are the backbone of any website or magazine focusing on review content.

  • Reviewers will get brought on board for a 90 day trial period in which they will be asked to review a minimum of 3 games or equipment they already own that have not already been reviewed on this website.
  • Once the trial period has been complete, Fractured Pixel Studios will then provide the games or equipment to be reviewed with a deadline of 14 days from receipt of the item.


  • Reviewers will be able to keep any items provided to them for review.
  • Reviewers will be added to the FPS Stream Team so they are promoted on the site directly.
  • Reviewers will gain both experience and have a portfolio available should they decide to seek to be employed by a larger company as a reviewer.

Associate Editors will be responsible for helping the Editor-in-chief with editing the content provided to FPS. They will need to be able to edit for spelling, grammar, and also verifying there is no plagiarism in the submitted works prior to publishing. They must be willing to work with tight deadlines as items such as news must be published timely.

  • Editors will be on a trial period in which they will be provided news and review articles they will need to edit and return within a set deadline.
  • The edited items will be reviewed by the Editor-in-chief to ensure that the article is free of spelling or grammatical errors.


  • Editors will gain the experience and have a portfolio of the articles they edited for future employment prospects.
  • Editors that stream will be added to the FPS Stream Team so they are promoted on the site directly.

The news room provides the website and our readers up to the minute news updates on industry related happenings. Members of the news room must have a love for searching for the next big announcement or scoop.

  • Reporters will have a trial period in which they will be asked to provide news articles that will be reviewed and published.


  • Reporters will gain experience and have a portfolio of news articles for future employment prospects.
  • Reporters that stream will be added to the FPS Stream Team so they are promoted on the site directly.
  • Reporters will be given opportunities to interview game developers and industry influencers as we are given access.

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