Grave Keeper makes its debut on PC. Coming soon on Nintendo Switch

Press Release by, Ultimate Games

Dynamic gameplay, varied challenges, a unique combination of mechanisms known from various games genres and the invincible Skeleton King – these are the main features and elements that set aside Grave Keeper. The premiere date of this hack’n’slash game on PC was set for March 29, 2019. In the second quarter of this year, Grave Keeper will also have digital distribution on Nintendo Switch.

The game was created by the Polish studio Baldur Games. Ultimate Games S.A. is responsible for its release on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Grave Keeper is a hack’n’slash type of game, in which the action is set in a world of fantasy – the bounty hunter makes it to the Forbidden Stronghold, where great treasures are awaiting him. However, getting them is not possible without defeating hordes of diverse opponents and facing the Skeleton King.

The title combines together mechanisms known from various games. We are talking about here traditional elements for hack’n’slash but also features associated with idle/clicker type games. The purpose was to create a gameplay experience that is not too complicated and at the same time can offer many hours of good fun” says developer Paweł Waszak.

As Paweł Waszak explains, the combat system includes melee, distance and areas attacks. There are also passive skills and equipment, including weapons and armor. It is highly diversified. Some of the items also have unique properties – e.g. automatic regeneration of health or the possibility of poisoning enemies.

In the game by Baldur Games studios, players will find things like 3 game modes, 8 different locations, 14 basic types of enemies (e.g. demons, skeletons and zombies), 9 bosses (also in the elite version), the Skeleton King and over 110 items.

Main features of Grave Keeper:

  • dynamic gameplay;
  • 3 game modes;
  • diverse missions;
  • daily tasks;
  • 14 types of enemies;
  • 9 bosses (also in the elite version);
  • undefeated Skeleton King;
  • over 110 different items (including swords, axes, crossbows and armor);
  • system of improving items and acquiring new skills.

The premiere date of this hack’n’slash game on PC was set for March 29, 2019. In the second quarter of this year, Grave Keeper will also be released on Nintendo Switch.

Grave Keeper (Steam):


Grave Keeper trailer:

Basic information:

Title: Grave Keeper

Genre: action, adventure, hack’n’slash, independent, recreation, RPG

Producer: Baldur Games

Publisher: Gaming Factory S.A., Ultimate Games S.A.

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Turkish, Italian

Launch date: March 29, 2019 (Steam), Q2 2019 (Nintendo Switch)

Minimum technical requirements:

Operating system: Windows 7+

Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 / AMD Phenom II X4 96 or equivalent

Graphics card: GeForce GTX 550 Ti / Intel HD 620 / Radeon HD 5770

Memory: 1024 MB RAM

Disk space: 300 MB of available space

Other: requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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