Deck Casters Review [PC]

Deck Caster is a very interesting game. This game allows you to build a deck of monsters and then deploy those monsters in MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) style combat.

The game starts off by giving you every monster in the game and lets you build any type of deck you wish. The only main rule is that each monster requires mana to summon and that mana builds up over time like a counter. The game seems exciting at first glance, however begins to lose its luster rather quickly. There is little to no tutorial for the game and almost no voice lines to speak of. You will hear the same thing over and over and over again before completing even one match against the AI. And you should get used to playing the AI as the game has no player base whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong, the concept is awesome and has worked for several other games out there. Unfortunately, this developer was unsuccessful in bringing that idea to fruition. The AI is broken in such a way that I was able to build an essentially, broken deck with all low level monsters and just spam the control points. That strategy would never work against a halfway decent AI and should never work against a high level AI.  The creature models are beautiful but the terrain, while good looking, makes the world hard to read and strategize around.  This game had so much potential, but it seems like the ball was dropped.

Suggestions for the Developers:

First, the idea is great, but if you want a game like this to be successful – you need to strategize before the game itself. Think about what you are combining and make both great in order to pair them together and make something extraordinary. The cards have no true strategy behind them. Make the dark element cards weak against the light. Allow combo conditions to exist. Treat the deck building and card strategy like a seperate table top game. The MOBA element is in a slightly better place. A refinement of how the navigation around the map works (use the WASD keys to move the map) would be welcomed by players. Put in a story or campaign mode to allow players to earn more cards than the initial library.  Do a once over on the AI to make it smarter. Lower the price to try and gain a community and then listen to that community’s feedback. You need a community of supporters before anything else.

Deck Casters has a great idea behind it, but the potential is not realized within the game itself. It lacks many things - including the most important thing, a community of players playing it online. This game is dead already and the concept will die with it, unfortunately. The game itself contains many good points but the bad points far outweigh anything good. Don’t touch this game with a ten foot pole until the developer decides to finally work the mechanics over and grow a community with a better product.
  • You get all creature cards from the beginning.
  • Models are good looking
  • Great Concept
  • Overpriced for what it has to offer
  • No true tutorial
  • Limited Voice Lines
  • Hard to read Terrain
  • Allows unbalanced decks due to no true card strategy.

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