Dead by Daylight Review [PC]

When You See the Possibilities

You’re whisked away from current life and tossed into the foggy woods near a campfire with 3 other courageous fools. You choose your skills and talents, your tools, and you make an offering to The Entity that has brought you here. When the Hell begins, you and your fellow survivors have to complete repairs on a number of generators in order to escape… one problem… you’re all being hunted by a player driven maniac who wants nothing more than to down you, hook you up, and feed your soul to the same Entity that brought you all here.

Character Creation

To create a character in Dead by Daylight, you simply choose from those available. Each character has their own story/lore and their own set of 3 specific perks (abilities that are unique to them, but can be teachable to other characters by using bloodpoints you get through game play and leveling on a thing called a Blood Web. This goes for both the survivors and the killers. You can play as either. I actually like both sides and suggest that everyone play as both. Why? Because they you can see both the good things and the bad things on both sides of the coin. It makes me less likely to complain about what one side gets over the other. I have to say, the killers and the survivors are both pretty balanced – except for the killer known as The Doctor. He’s pretty amazing as a killer no matter your level. His perks are definitely the ones I always tell people to go after as teachable to other killers.  Anyway, your characters are already there, but you get to dress them up as you want using both readily available cosmetics and DLC cosmetics. Also, you can make their skill set unique by setting their perks. If you’ve leveled up other survivors/killers enough to have gained teachable perks (or you purchase teachable perks in the Shrine using shards) those perks can be used on your character as well. Each and every lobby and gameplay can be a new experience by trading these things out for your character before the action begins.

Game Play

The graphics are lovely on this game, each map has its own character to it and each DLC usually comes with it’s own map that goes with the lore of the survivor and/or the killer. Part of the excitement over the DLCs is getting a new map. However, there tend to be lags when it comes to maps with snow and rain – or when the Doctor uses his electrical power or the Clown uses his gaseous toxic cloud.  I believe these issues might get a bit of resolution once the Developers begin using the promised dedicated servers. We shall see.

The sounds are okay, but the music is not as adjustable as I would like. I believe that sometimes the developers feel like the sound should help emulate the horror of the situation you are in. Unfortunately that means you will not be able to hear other cues around your character when you are injured or in a dying state – because of the music being played. And at this very moment, whenever the map for Haddonfield comes up, I jerk my headset off my head to keep from going deaf – that music is too loud.  What about the music that is provided during seasonal events on the menu and even in the game? That music is very much enjoyable and always fits the mood of that season and event.

For me, the playability is there. You can use the keyboard or the controllers and get through matches just fine with either. I find it a bit difficult due to my own hand issues to get off some of the special attacks, but I’ve compensated by changing keybinds. Doing a 360 spin to manage and get away from a killer is a bit difficult on a keyboard for some people and I’m still even after this many hours on the game… I still admit I don’t look behind me near as often as I should, but I an horrible with that type of shifting on the keyboard. Not everyone has that kind of trouble, though. And people who use the controller – I’ve not heard any complaints from them about this. it just takes practice.

The entertainment value and replayability are just… I haven’t stopped playing this game for more than a month since I purchased it. I have my issues with it and take small breaks here and there, but overall, I will go back to it for more fun because I like going after the achievements, trying on new characters and new maps,  and I love the choices available between survivor, survive with friends, and killer. It does get boring if you don’t take breaks from it. Like any game like this, moves become predictable and bad sports can make you turn away while sprinkling salt.

Suggestions for the Developer

I have put off reviewing, what used to be my favorite game for a while, hoping things would get fixed. When I began playing in 2017, the community were fun-loving psychos that sometimes goofed off and just generally had a good time with the sessions. More recently, the community has gotten more toxic and the developers less approachable. I know, no one wants to hear what’s wrong with their game.  But in this case, I want to tell you, because I want it fixed. I love this game… or rather – what it could be.

One thing that has been promised? Dedicated servers. That will be a much better situation, in my opinion. I’m also hoping with this comes an improved system of accountability. At the moment, every other game I get into, there is a DC (disconnect) and I know this is not merely an issue with peer servers. This is an issue of players (both survivors and killers) coming into a session and then deciding to leave it because they don’t get an easy-peasy match, they don’t like the killer in the game session, or they don’t like the map. When a person leaves a match, it ruins the fun for other players. Accountability should be held here.

The Blood Web is broken and has been for quite some time. When you get a new DLC (one that is not purely cosmetic) generally you get a new survivor and/or a new killer. As reward for good gameplay, you save up bloodpoints to the max of 1,000,000. These bloodpoints are used in the Blood Web to purchase perks and items. The Blood Web supposedly randomizes what you’ll be offered. Unfortunately, if you’ve also unlocked most of the other players/killers, they have Teachable Perks. Those get randomized into this Blood Web as well, the good, the bad and the ugly. That being said, I have spent well over the max bloodpoints on a new character to wind up not being able to level their own given 3 perks to a max at all. Instead of being able to get their perks leveled higher, I wind up with everyone else’s level 1 perks. Also, there are items still in the Blood Web that no one in their right mind would use. Because of how the Blood Web is set up, you wind up with no choice in collecting them. Therefore you spend your hard-earned bloopoints on items that will sit in your inventory for eternity.

I also feel that even though DLCs are fun and exciting and so are the special events – you should be taking care of bug fixes very quickly once they are released. And perhaps even stop with DLC updates until your game is back on track so that you can eliminate these glitches instead of trying to cover them with a new DLC.  Other games are guilty of this and I never thought I’d see this game enter the realm of cover-it-up-with-a-new-pretty… but here we are.

This is a multi-player asymmetrical horror game where you can play as a single survivor teamed with random other survivors, you can survive with friends, or you can play as the killer.
  • Active Developers/community
  • Scheduled updates and special events every season
  • Enjoyable DLCs available, some based on licensed characters
  • Based on a player-hosted peer-to-peer matches (supposed to go to dedicated servers summer 2019)
  • A lot of toxic players within the community bring positive experiences in the game down
  • Glitches and lag (especially on consoles) need to be addressed along with improvements to the Blood Web
  • Accountability on bad behavior and disconnecting should be addressed

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