About Us

Fractured Pixel Studios was born from a conversation between friends about their passion for video games and content creation. We wanted to turn our passion into something that would provide an outlet for our love of gaming and a place where content creators, developers, and fans alike, can come to get news and reviews on the things that interest them.

Our Team

About Us
James Adams

James Adams has games in his blood and Computers in his DNA. He started his love for games with Pong on the Commodore Vic20 and it has been a part of who he is since. He grew up with every major console out there and even some that you may not have even heard of. This love coupled with his 26 years of IT experience made for a perfect storm. When he is not working or picking apart games here, he can be found streaming with his partner in crime, Rachel on their Twitch channel thismeanswartv. Email: james.adams@fracturedpixelstudios.com

About Us
Levi Gross

Levi Gross was born a small town farm kid who grew up 5 years behind the rest of the world when it came to video games. Therefore, gaming started on the Atari computer with 7″ floppy disks (Gauntlet forever) and has continued through the years since. These days he works as an Aerospace Engineer by day and gamer by night. When not working, or pretending to work, he is actively gaming or writing a review here. The love of games is in his soul and will never be changed. Excelsior!! Email: levi.gross@fracturedpixelstudios.com

Rachel Adams

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