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8.5 Great

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

The events of the second installment of Tom Clancy’s The Division take place eight months after the green poison swept through New York City. This time, the gam...

Ravva and the Cyclops Curse

9 Superb


6.5 Limited Appeal

Return of the Obra Dinn

8 Great

Jurassic World Alive

7.5 Good
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Mobile Reviews

Jurassic World Alive Review [Mobile]

Jurassic World Alive is an Alternate Reality (AR) that is Free to Play for both the iOS and Android smartphones. Similar...

Pokemon Go Review [Mobile]

The words, “Gotta catch em’ all”, never ha...

PC Reviews

Ark: ISO Crystal Isles [Workshop Mod Review]

Absolute beauty… this Workshop Mod provides for you and your crew a map that is absolutely beautiful. It’s a work of art...

Dead by Daylight Review [PC]

When You See the Possibilities You’re whisked away from curr...

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Review [PC]

The events of the second installment of Tom Clancy’s The Div...

Tech Reviews

The Webaround Review

As a content creator, I am always looking for ways to take my content to the next level. After some research on green sc...

Elgato Stream Deck Review

I started streaming over a year ago and in the beginning, fo...

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